Dear Lindy, Thank you for your exceptional treatment yesterday. Your energy is lovely and your approach is very calming. I noticed a difference almost immediately after treatment in my energy and my skin (glowing!). You make the whole experience into an artwork and I am glad that I have found you. I know we have to ‘shop around’ for the right person at the right time – so I feel pleased to have called you and made that appointment (as scary as it seemed having not had acupuncture before). Laura. W. Ealing, London.

I had a huge fear of needles before I met Lindy. To be honest, I was desperate for some pain management for my Frozen Shoulder and I stumbled upon Acupuncture as my last resort. I had no idea how painless acupuncture treatment was and felt stupid for thinking that the needles would feel like syringes! Lindy treated my painful shoulder which is back to full health today and helped me to uncover the causes for my digestive and sleeping issues. The time and effort she dedicates to her patients is priceless. Thank you so much. See you again soon.

Kenny B. South West London.

I came to Lindy for Acupuncture treatment due to suffering a range of physical (msk issues) and psychological problems that were causing me considerable distress. At the start of every session, my concerns were listened to and I was made to feel at ease in a way that few other professionals have the ability to do. She is an exceptionally warm, considerate and empathetic character. My debilitating insomnia is much better these days and I have a noticeable spring in my step. A master of her craft, Lindy’s kind, caring and respectful character is combined with an extensive academic and practical expertise in acupuncture and I would highly recommed her services!

Dennis Wilson. WC1.

Hot flushes, problems sleeping, utter irritability and needed to use the loo far too often for my liking! In fact I will say that I was being a totally irrational hot headed woman and was in denial that I had reached Menopause. I was reccomended the very calm Lindy by a close friend. So far, I can see how I need to embrace these changes (thanks to acupuncture treatment) and I am sleeping better, less hot flushes and can laugh again without needing to run to the loo. Thanks to Lindy, ‘the change of life’ is not a daunting change.

Catherine P. W10, London