Questions about Facial Acupuncture?

What to expect from facial acupuncture:

Facial acupuncture is growing in popularity across the UK as more and more women and men are beginning to move away from invasive treatments such as Botox and surgery and turning instead to more gentle and natural alternatives.

During a cosmetic or facial acupuncture treatment you could expect to have several sterile, slimline acupuncture needles gently inserted into the skin. All of the needles are only used one time. The focus of the treatment is on areas that might need special attention such as areas of skin that have lost elasticity, that have lost radiance, or where fine lines are beginning to appear.

The treatments are generally very relaxing and will often incorporate other more traditional facial treatment techniques such as cleansing and facial massage. Often the therapist will stimulate large areas with gentle electric currents that have a tightening effect on the skin. During a facial acupuncture treatment you could expect to feel deeply relaxed and calm – this side effect has been noticed by fans of this ancient and effective treatment for millennia.

After just one session many patients report seeing an immediate difference with significant changes in skin tone and gentle changes to complexion. Generally a course of six treatments is recommended in order to result in more dramatic and longer lasting improvements. Many patients have reported reduction of dark circles, reduction of deep and fine lines as well as a softer complexion. As the treatment progresses, you may notice other physical symptoms that you have will also improve, as it can improve hormonal balance, it may delay the greying of hair and hair loss associated with aging. You may notice you have a better quality of sleep and increased energy. It will improve your digestion and metabolism and strengthen your immune system.

One explanation for the mechanism for this improvement relates to collagen. Collagen is what gives our skin its plumpness. By inserting a needle for a short time it causes a slight damage to the skin which then needs to be repaired – the body responds by increasing the blood flow to the area, bringing with it increased levels of collagen.

One of the wonderful side-effects of having a facial acupuncture treatment is that the practitioner will often add additional points to the treatment that can have an impact on your general wellbeing. This is why after a facial acupuncture treatment many patients report feeling calmer and improved mood.

It is important to go to a fully qualified practitioner such as a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) or ICOM. BAcC members are fully insured and have also undergone a degree level of training so you can feel confident that you are in safe hands.